Spreading the Word

So we have written a new book, now how to spread the word?  Enter Shelley Hitz and her new book, Marketing Your Book on Amazon, where she gives steps-by-step instructions of how to market our new book. Shelley walks us through the maze of Amazon’s sales page, helps us choose the best categories, tags, updates, as well as writing  the best description—all the little details that are so important.  She gently leads and shows through screen-shots strategies for marketing our new book. I have learned so much from reading this book, now I just need to study and implement her suggestions.

If you haven’t published your book yet, Shelley will help you with that, too, like she did us at www.self-publishing-coach.com.

Our new book: Victory Ground

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  1. Shelley Hitz says:

    Congratulations on your new book! So exciting :) And I wish you the best in your book marketing efforts. Thanks for sharing about my latest book!

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