We’ve Published a New Book!

Yes, we finally did it—we have published a new book.  Well actually my husband, Gary Gilmore, is the author of this great new book, but I’m the graphic designer and editor.  The book is Victory Ground and explains the place where Jesus lifts believers to live.  I was greatly blessed to read the manuscript over and over again during the editing process.  Sometimes I even told Gary, when he got a little discouraged, “You need to read your book!” In it we learn about the goodness of God, taking the former children of Mr. and Mrs. Disobedience (Adam and Eve) above this world into the “Heavenly Places” of Ephesians 2:4-7.

Gary leads us through God’s victory transformation for believers, as well as God’s program for reprogramming His children.This book will encourage and uplift the reader about who we are in Christ.  Jesus is the Victor, who lifts all who believe in Him to Victory Ground, the place to receive and enjoy His victory and overcoming power!  Check out this link to learn more about this great new book—Victory Ground.

Gary’s blog: http://victoryground.com

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