2 Parts—Old & New:

The Old Testament reveals the deep need for a Rescuer and the New Testament reveals the Rescuer!


Both parts are very important. The Old Testament tells about the beginning of all things and it sets the stage for the New Testament.


The Old Testament can be divided into 5 sections:

1. Law: Genesis-Deut.

2. History: Joshua-Esther

3. Poetry: Job-Solomon

4. Prophecy: Isaiah-Mal.


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Old Testament Books

God's love letter to people is made up of 66 books. The Old Testament is the first half of the Bible and is made up of 39 books. These books are in the Old Testament, because they were written before the Rescuer, Jesus, God's son took on an earth suit and became a man.


Hint: To find a certain book in your Bible, most Bibles begin with a list of the books of the Bible and the page number they are in that Bible, to help when you are looking up scripture verses. When the scripture reference is "Genesis 1:1 ," the verse can be found in the book of the Bible of Genesis, the first chapter and the first verse.


This list of the Books of the Bible include the name, the main content, the number of chapters, and abbreviation of that name.

Books of the Law

The 5 books written by Moses begin with Creation and chronicle the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the children of Israel in the wilderness and the time of the Tabernacle.


1. Genesis:

Creation, Adam, Eve, Sin, Noah and the Flood, Babel Tower, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph; 50; Gen.


2. Exodus:

Moses' birth & river rescue, Israelites in slavery in Egypt, 10 plagues, Passover, Israelites rescued, Red Sea opens and closes, 10 Commandments, Tabernacle, 10 Commands; 40 ; Ex.


3. Leviticus:

Priestly Instructions, offerings dealing with sin and sickness, the scapegoat, priest's garments, atonement; 27; Lev.


4. Numbers:

Census, 10 spies, God's presence in a cloud, quail for supper every night, Balaam and the talking donkey; 36; Num.


5. Deuteronomy:

On Moses' 120th birthday he recalls God's faithfulness over the last 40 years and encourages the people to be faithful to God, Blessings, 10 Commandments; 34; Deut.


Books of History

These 12 books tell the history of the Jewish nation from entering the Promised land of Israel through its flourishing time of the kings, as well as the time of being exiled.


6. Joshua:

Joshua leads the Jewish nation into the Promised Land of Israel; 24; Josh.


7. Judges:

Judges ruled the Jewish nation, Deborah, Gideon, Samson and Delilah; 21; Judg.


8. Ruth:

Love story of Ruth and Boaz, Jesus' ancestors; 5; Ruth

9. 1 Samuel:

The life and history of the Prophet Samuel during the beginning of the monarchy of Israel; Saul, David, Goliath; 31; 1 Sam.


10. 2 Samuel:

King David's reign, Absalom; 24; 2 Sam.


11. 1 Kings:

King Solomon's reign, building the Temple, Kingdom divides between Rehoboam of Judah and Jeroboam of Israel, Ahab and Elijah contest, 22; 1 Kin.


12. 2 Kings:

Kings of Judah (Joash, Amaziah, Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah) and Israel, Elijah and Elisha, Prophecies, Miracles, Captivities; 25; 2 Kin.


13. 1 Chronicles:

Adam to captivities list, reign of King David, preparation for building the Temple, Solomon becomes king; 29; 1 Chr.


14. 2 Chronicles:

King Solomon, building the Temple, other Kings of Judah including Joash, Uzziah, Hezekiah, and Josiah; 36; 2 Chr.


15. Ezra:

Return from exile to Israel, rebuilding of the Temple; 10; Ezra


16. Nehemiah:

Nehemiah and Jews in captivity, returning to Israel, and rebuilding Jerusalem; 13; Neh.


17. Esther:

Jewish nation in captivity, Esther becomes queen and saves her people the Jews from destruction (a great story to read); 9; Esth.

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Books of Poetry


18. Job:

Calamity, forgiveness, restoration; 42; Job


19. Psalms:

Song book of the Bible; many of the psalms are by King David; 150; Ps.


20. Proverbs:

Wise Sayings by King Solomon (read a few of these everyday and you will be a wiser person); 31; Prov.


21. Ecclesiastes:

Hard Lessons Learned by King Solomon;12; Eccl.


22. Song of Solomon:

Love story; 8; Song


Books of Prophecy

Prophecies of the Jewish nation going into captivity and coming back to Israel, the coming Rescuer—the Messiah, and of days still to come.


23. Isaiah:

Isaiah prophecies the coming Rescuer and His healing miracle ministry; 66; Is.


24. Jeremiah:

Jeremiah warns about the captivity and encourages God's people to come back to Him, captivity; 52; Jer


25. Lamentations:

Jeremiah cries over Israel's fall; 5; Lam.


26. Ezekial:

Ezekial sees visions, dry bones live; 48; Ezek.


27. Daniel:

Daniel and his friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in captivity, Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dreams, safety in the lions den and fiery furnace; 12; Dan.


28. Hosea:

Hosea prophecies Israel's backsliding from God through his marriage; 14; Hos.


29. Joel:

Joel prophecies of the last days; 3; Joel


30. Amos:

Amos tell God's messages of judgement, restoration; 9; Amos


31. Obadiah:

Obadiah's vision of Edom being punished for how they mistreated Israel; 1; Obad.


32. Jonah:

Jonah ran from God's instruction, was swallowed by a big fish for 3 days, then obeyed and went to Ninevah to preach (an easy to read and interesting story); 4; Jon.


33. Micah:

Micah prophecies about the last days; 7; Mic.


34. Nahum:

Nahum prophecies the judgement of Ninevah; 3; Nah.


35. Habakkuk:

Habakkuk prophecies the judgement of Israel, his prayer tells of the greatness of God; 3; Hab.


36. Zephaniah:

Zephaniah prophecies judgement, conversion of nations, Messiah's reign, Israel's restoration; 3; Zeph.


37. Haggai:

Haggai encourages the people to finish rebuilding the Temple; 2; Hag.


38. Zechariah:

Zechariah prophecies the restoration of Israel; 14; Zech.


39. Malachi:

Malachi prophecies judgement of Israel, the first and second coming of the Rescuer, the promise of the blessing of the tithe; 4; Mal.


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