Bible Basics

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1. The Greatest Rescue
Beginning on this page read the 7 parts to get an understanding of the heart of the Bible in story form.
2. The Bible Timeline

is the guideline to give you an overview of the Bible. Learn about important events and people of the Bible and where to read more about them.

3. Old Testament Books

tells a short description of each of the 39 books that are a part of the Old Testment.


4. New Testament Books

tells a short description of each of the 27 books of the New Testament.



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Timeline Open Bible

Get an overview of the greatest book ever written on the Bible Timeline page.


The Personal Helper:

The great thing about the Bible is that the God who created us and had this book written will help us to understand it! The more we know about the Bible, the more we learn about God and His great plan for the world, eternity, and for each one of us personally. (tell me more)







Jesus Paid for All Sin

Resurrected Jesus

Jesus, God's Son, was the only one who could rescue people on the earth. Jesus was tempted in every way, yet never sinned. When He died on the Cross, He became the only sacrifice that could pay in full for the sins of every person in the world. After 3 days Jesus came back to life, overcoming death and Hell! Everyone who believes in Jesus' Rescue, have their sins forgiven and access to God's presence restored.
The Heart of the Bible:

The Greatest Rescue

The Bible is the true account of the greatest rescue mission ever. God Himself came to rescue us!


1: Masterpiece Created

In the beginning God created the heavens, the earth, and the whole solar system. On the earth He created many amazing and wonderful things including vegetation, fish, birds and animals. All these things brought great pleasure to Him, but He longed for something more. God wanted friends, someone more like Him to love, have fellowship and share with.

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1: Masterpiece Created

2: Masterpiece Stolen

3: Master Rescuer Prep

4: Master Rescuer Appears

5: Master Rescuing Begins

6: Master Rescue

7: Master Rescue Squad

8: Master Rescue for You